3 Social Media Tips

  1. Follow: When you create your social pages, look up accounts that are involved in your industry and then follow them. These accounts can provide valuable information that you can repost to your own followers, which will help you build a more trustworthy presence and provide you with content to share even when you don’t have any new content on your page. 
  2. Engage: Engaging with others’ content will help your brand recognition. Whether you like something or not, commenting, sharing and or liking someone else’s post can and will attract more attention than some or all of the things you are posting. This is one of the most important aspects of being engaged and socially focused. It may take time, but it is worth it! Try it out.
  3. Plan: Planning your social media content in advance can help your process immensely. Planning your content will help you and your team maintain consistent posting schedules across channels, while avoiding last-minute rushing to find content to share. Planning will relieve your stress and make your social media game top notch.
Good Luck!

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